C​.​D​.​D 1​-​5​-​3

by Tres Face Von Dingo

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(free) 03:04


Songs of days long past..


released August 3, 2011

recorded and produced by alex nash



all rights reserved


Tres Face Von Dingo Bismarck, North Dakota


Bismarck frozen wasteland technophobe's
haunting shoegaze emanations from my dusty basement brain. technology offers no salvation, only
further isolation.

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Track Name: Pissed-Off Occultist Ruins Universe For Everyone
I wouldn't even know
How to take it slow
They told me, told me, told me so
You keep this up you'll end up dead
Atleast I hope that's what you said

There's a stillness in the ground
But only when you come around
I surrender through and through
Because that's what I do
And I'd do it for you..
Well that's if you want me to
Well that's if you want me too
Track Name: You Name Everything, But I Won't Name This Song
Well I saw it yesterday, when the people
they all turned away
We found a broken but pretty sound
And they're about, about to shut us down
This is it for the human race
Too bad all we left behind was a sour taste
And I wouldn't mind at all
No I wouldn't mind if you never called

And it always starts like this
All the broken shit
Starts to crack and hiss
And the next thing to go
The roof and the walls fall down
And it sounds like this
So let's blame you and me
For letting it happen but hating it equally
Then it's only me...
Smilin' while I pour the gasoline...
Track Name: This Album Contains a Murder
And though I'll never know, just what you mean to me
I'll still scribble pointless words, put to haunting melodies
I'll still measure width and density between you and me
'Cause I wanna hear you scream, and cling on to me
As the blood pours out your face, and I finally look away
Down this flooded avenue, filled with garbage then police
And I wonder if I did it right, just like they said to me
Just close your eyes, and say goodbye, remember not to breathe..

You knew about this day from the very start
It was palpable the first time that we ever spent apart
And reality sets in, and gravity takes hold
And now my heart and soul , have never felt so cold
And I will not say I'm sorry
As I watch you fucking die
The strength of will and personality fading from your eyes
As the cops say to me: "Do you realize?"
And I nod and laugh because:
"It's never been so clear.. this is why Mother Earth had to put me here! You were my problem, and I made you disappear."
So I face my audience..
And gladly take a bow..
"Oh thank you all so much, I'm glad you are still here."
Track Name: C.D.D 1-5-3
Well I look out my window and I love what I see
There's chaos and violence and bodies in streets
And the Mayor gone and blown out his brain
And my lover got hit by train.. oh yeah?

So I woke up, aware
Of smokey choked up air
And the pleasant, sounds of hell all around
Finally thought to myself
No use to call for help
I'll just relax and take it all in stride

Well I look at you and me, and love what I see
All the chaos, and violence, and disorder we'll be
And the next day will be the same
Till they find us, and catch you, and take me away
oh yeah?

You better be there
I'm counting on it
I'm counting on you now

You better be there, you better not slow down!
You better show up here! You better show up here!
Track Name: Tailwind or: How to go seven thousand miles-an-hour and not get bugs in your teeth
no words
just the sweet sound of escape