by Tres Face Von Dingo

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Just Part 1 of 4, More coming soon,


released December 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Tres Face Von Dingo Bismarck, North Dakota


Bismarck frozen wasteland technophobe's
haunting shoegaze emanations from my dusty basement brain. technology offers no salvation, only
further isolation.

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Track Name: Robot Saviors Have Off-Days Too
well i'm a liar, ill admit that now
long long weekend, now i'm coming down

workshop covered, in old spare parts
wrenches, hammers.. shopping carts

i tried to save them, them being everyone
i built a savior, i built a son

but when i asked him why we die
his circuits fizzed, his brain got fried

we all dry up, and we all get old
our brains turn off, it gets dark and cold
our atoms split, like a thousand tiny bombs
all i know is..

we've got to go

far away
its for the best
or so they say

burn down the house
leave all we own
i'll set us free
we'll find a home
Track Name: Spaceship Pilots Have Off-Days Too
the wind it clears the smoke
all out technology broke...
humans forced to use their brains: what an unfamiliar thing, what an unsavory thing for you..

but what do you want me to do?
my ship's wrecked and so is my crew
crashed in through the atmosphere
now im stuck and no-one is here

the world that i knew is gone
its what i wanted all along
no coffee shops or outlet malls
no towers taking business calls

its lonely and i hate it..
but i think im gonna make it now...

but what am i going to do?
except wishing that i was dead too?
no people no noises no trees
just wreckage and silence and me
repeat to infinity
is this the best we could be?
with all of our technology, we couldnt fix you or me

i think it will be alright
trapped in space with no sunlight
just robots here for company
i dont need no human beings
no drugs or smokes or fancy booze
just some water and some food
days and weeks and years fly by
now ive finally lost my mind
its lonely and i hate it
and i dont think i will make it anymore