Old Friend (Single)

by Tres Face Von Dingo

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Single for upcoming release "Ant Colony" Includes instrumental and vocal versions of "Sentient Technology Support Group"


released July 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Tres Face Von Dingo Bismarck, North Dakota


Bismarck frozen wasteland technophobe's
haunting shoegaze emanations from my dusty basement brain. technology offers no salvation, only
further isolation.

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Track Name: Old Friend
hello, old friend
it's been too long, it's nice to see you again
my old friend
well.. how have you been?

I know, it's hard
it seems to never end! it only breaks it never bends!
but that is why...
yeah, that is why...
we feel so alive

well then my old friend
I guess this is the end
the end for you and me

crazy they said!?!
conductors in my heart
circuits in my head
my soul is dead
...just wires instead
Track Name: Sentient Technology Support Group
look at all these splendid machines
all around me!
they glisten oh! they gleam
in computer stores
and the great outdoors
they recognize me

I can always call my home
when I'm feeling down when I feel alone

toasters! blenders! coffee machines!
they all seem alive to me
telephones with glowing bones
and dirty thoughts
when you're home alone
one time lover, and part-time friend
I can't tell where we begin or end

we say one thing and mean another
how can this be the way we treat each other
all these anecdotes
half-baked and scribbled on post-it notes

I guess what I am trying to say
is I fell in love with technology
this is one thing I can believe
this is one thing I can believe in